July 29, 2011

July 26, 2011

My Permanent +1

So where does one begin when they have neglected their blog for so long and have so much to catch up on... that is the dilemma I'm faced with... do I spend time recapping the last four months or cut to the good stuff... I didn't have to think long... so here it is... I'm engaged!!

I'm happy to say that I will in the not to distant future be the wife of a wonderfully caring and kind hearted man. Clint and I have had a bit of a whirlwind relationship that has taken us from New York City to Seattle in a very short time together. I know some might think its a quick engagement but I have no doubts regarding the strength of what we have together. Quick or not... it's meant to be and I couldn't be happier! I'm so excited for our future together and am excited to start planning the wedding! Those that know me know I live for party planning lol... I already have lots of ideas and am excited to start getting all the details down... first up the location and a dress which i already have ideas! It will be a longer engagement were looking at possible a June 2012 date which gives us plenty of time to plan everything stress free -hopefully :)

Now for the story... I had a feeling the proposal was coming, we had already looked at rings and had decided to have one custom made. I was headed to Logan for the weekend and Clint suggested we go to a new restaurant in Logan and "get dressed up" Bless his heart he's not very subtle. When I got to town we went to dinner with my dear friend Jen and after Clint and I decided to go back to his place and watch a movie. Once there he sorta let it slip he had the ring... at which time I of course started asking for it... he was trying to play coy like maybe he didn't have... and that we had "plans" so i dropped it figuring I wasn't gonna talk about it again until he proposed. I went downstairs to start looking at movie titles... he came down and sat next to me all the while I was engrossed with perusing the Apple TV to find something good to watched... I didn't even look away... I don't watch TV much so I was mesmerized I guess... I think after a few "baby''s and finally maybe a "Hey!" I looked over and there he was with the most amazing ring pouring his heart out to me. It was perfect. Just me in my Sweatpants and him on a couch! Needless I was surprised and thrilled it really was just a perfect moment that I'll never forget. I have felt so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life and can't wait to spend the rest my life with him (*squish*squish)

The night Clint said was the beginning for him... New Years Eve 2010

Clint and I on the Double Decker Bus Tour in NYC May 2011

Seattle Underground Tour July 2011