November 2, 2011

Cabinet Transformations...

Man they do not lie when they say "Transformation". I think this maybe the biggest project yet that I'm willing to tackle on my own but so far so good. I started in our half-bath downstairs figured if it turned out terrible it wouldn't be such a big deal. The Vanity Cabinets basically looked like this

These are actually in the kitchen, I'm not so good with "before" Pictures... but they are the same. Much like every other house built during the same time they are that "awesome" yellow-y oak and as a nice touch they used glamorous brass pulls to finish off the look. Whereas the cost of replacing the cabinets would not be astronomical it seemed slightly more cost efficient to try our hand (well, my hand) at refinishing them. Enter my new best friend Rust-oleum and their genius Cabinet kit. There are a few steps involved including: Deglossing (means no sanding or priming), bond coat (the color coat), decorative glaze and the protective top coat on all the cabinet fronts and the cabinet frames, you can get the full description here. Figure in a few hours between each coat and it's not a super quick process but if you time it right you can have it done in a few days and its worth it in the end.

Quick before tinted bond coat and after. They are looking so good. I managed to get all the deglossing, bond coats and glaze done on the bathroom vanity yesterday. This morning I got the top coat on and hopefully by tonight they will have new hardware and can get them back on the hinges for the big reveal tomorrow... stay tuned!!

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