February 25, 2016

So Many New Things... and why restart a Blog now

So it's been a while... a long LONG while... whatevs. I started this blog a few years ago right after I had quit my job, moved in with my Fiance (now Husband) and was bored and full of ideas and promise. I was planning a wedding, making a plain condo a home and filling my time with what projects I could. I figured what better way to document then start a Blog!

So young... so full of Blog promise

So lets just say things didn't quite go as planned...
 I did great in the beginning. Posted projects like when I redid our kitchen cabinets, before and afters in all their glory, I baked things... multiple things, I crafted and created like no other. There was such Hope! such Promise! and then our short lived experiment of living in Logan, UT came to an end six months in. In a haste we moved back to Salt Lake City, I truthfully could not of been happier. Don't get me wrong Logan is a fine place, I went to college there, it was great. Moving back, though years later was a different experience. I wasn't working and had no friends still there. Honestly I had nothing to do but Blog... so we moved back and while I was busy setting up a new house and still planning a wedding the blogging was less and less regular. 

Me and My Love

But hey... Life right... what are you going to do. So we got settled in Salt Lake, got married and then a few months later I started working again... I tried to revive this little blog-that-could a couple years ago... had my most popular post a simple yet effective coffee mug rack. (it's highly popular on Pinterest, my most pinned pin if you will) things were looking good... and then it just fell off. No real reason. I still crafted, I still cooked and baked and I still had plenty to say but I guess the motivation to actually sit down to write a post was lacking. There were plenty of times I thought "ooh I should blog this awesome craft hack, people would love it!" or "ooh this 'insert food item here' looks amazing and is super tasty I bet people would want to know!" I'd even go so far as to take the requisite pictures assuring myself that I would for sure blog about it... alas obviously I did not.

Then THIS happened.
Four days PAST due! 
Surely I thought to my self this is the perfect time to start blogging again. Pregnancy, man it's tough and fun and hard and interesting and the craziest thing ever am I right? Well so crazy I plum forgot to write anything about it. Baking a baby takes it all out of you.

Then SHE happened and my world stopped in the most incredible and terrifying way.

Tilly Sloan Tyler one day old
Life will never be the same in the best of ways. Since she's been born I've still had the thought here and there to write. Newborns are awesome and tough but as I was making my way in this whole first time mom thing I thought others were there, are there or might be there someday I'm no baby expert but still have things to add to the whole motherhood community... Blog here I come... cut to now.

This Chunk! about to Hulk out of her shirt
Almost four months post-baby and I've finally got my shit together. Ok, not really but after having made the decision to stay home and keep this little human alive full time (as opposed to part-time?, maybe poor choice of words but you get me) I figure maybe, just maybe I can make this little corner of the Internet a bit more of a priority if nothing but to flood the interwebs with pictures of the cutest baby ever (I'm obviously biased, honestly I prob won't go too overboard since there are creeps and crazies out there; last thing the little one needs it be wrapped up in some catfish scheme- side note I met Nev at Sundance after their movie came out. Super nice guy crazy to see how their "little" documentary has spurred a cultural phenomenon, but i digress)  So yea my plan is to post. Maybe a lot, maybe a little who really knows, this post alone took two days to write cause, well, babies- sure are needy little things- but making the conscious effort is a good first step. My fear is no one cares. Actually no, it's not my fear, I don't write for others, but if you do care and do like, man! that's great. Let me know, let me know if there's something you wanna know... perhaps a recipe tried, or a Pinterest project hacked or Tilly's birth Story (too TMI? it's a good one, mostly on what I wished I'd known before going into labor).

minutes old, pissed at the world
Having a reason to write is a good motivator to get back at it so let me know (DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to say no if the request is obviously outside the realm of reason) If you don't care or don't like, well don't read it then dummy and def don't let me know. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life, hormones got me like WHAT! and I'd probably cry. Do you want to make a new mom cry? That's just mean. I'll assume if you're still reading you have a heart or maybe i hooked you with the promise of cute baby pics, either way I'm glad I can share my little corner of the Internet world with you.

Most recent Family pic albeit three hair colors ago

Hopefully I'm back sooner than later. 


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  1. I love you all. Thanks for sharing your blog. I love reading about your life. Need to come and see my great niece. So cute.