January 9, 2012

Who Says You Can't Be Lazy and Creative...

Yesterday may have been one of the laziest days ever... I think I slept in till 1, never got out of my pajamas and just lounged around with my Love and the animals. In between lounging I did have some wedding ideas on the mind. If you all keep tabs on any blogs you may have seen the subway poster art that is all the rage. here are some examples


Well some have gone a step further and made them... well let's say "cutesy"


I'm not really one for the cutesy ones but one day a while back while perusing the Internet for wedding ideas I came across an Etsy shop (which of course I didn't save the name of...whoops) that had taken the Subway art one step further and personalized it for a couple. I thought the idea was actually kinda genius and a fun touch for wedding decor and being the kinda do-it-yourself kinda girl I sat down at the trusty laptop to give my hand a go at it... this is what I ended up with

I like how it tells a story, albeit the Campbell's Condensed Soup version. I have a vision of this blown up and displayed at the sign in table or something at the wedding to give our guests a glimpse into our little story. This is still a rough draft, I may still tweak a few things design wise, but having just been messing around I think it turned out pretty good. I am defiantly drawn to wedding decor that drips with personal touches. I know that for us I want our guests to feel like they are not just attending a ho-hum cookie cutter wedding. I want them to leave feeling like they know us a little better, and that they were given a glimpse of our life together and are as excited about it as Clint and I are. I also like how we can keep this and hang it up at home and have a reminder of how we got to where we are together. Cheesy? maybe... but I love a little cheese now and again.