March 1, 2017

Dinner: Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta with Roasted Asparagus

OK, so I figured if I was going to annoy everyone with my social media posts about dinner I might as well link to the recipes I'm using so that others can try them if they fill so inclined. So thus begins my blogger (again, pretty sure I've "begun" about a half dozen times.) I'll try and add the ones I've already made since I know some people have asked so check back!

Tonight's dinner was originally going to be just a quick Shrimp and Asparagus StirFry. Then I got to thinking that I should prob offer my poor husband (who is along for this dinner-cooking ride) some carbs. Viola pasta. and then I got to thinking how lemon, garlic and butter all pair so nicely together... and luckily the Internet agrees... I love Pinterest for many reasons but being able to basically search for recipe idea based solely off ingredients is amazing.  I browsed for a minute (literally while standing the cereal aisle of Winco) and decided on trying this one from a The recipe was easy to follow and I think it turned out great. (recipe note, I used parsley at the end cause I didn't have any basil)

For the  asparagus I cut the bottoms off, tossed with some EVOO (that's Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those that don't watch Rachel Ray on the daily) added some salt and pepper and threw in the oven at 425 degrees for maybe 10 mins (I didn't time it, basically once they turn bright green and start to smoke and char a little you know they are done) right after I took them out I sprinkled on some grated parm cheese and called it good.   

The whole meal came together very fast, helps that shrimp cooks in like 3 mins so really boiling the water for the pasta took the longest (seriously, my stove takes FOREVER!). So lets say the whole thing took 20 mins to put together, and the ingredients for the whole pot cost less than $20 (It prob made 4 generous portions, means I have leftovers, YAY!) I think that's win win... at a restaurant I would have probably waited longer (had over cooked shrimp) and paid close to $20 (or more) for the one plate...  man I'm rocking this whole cooking dinner thing!

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