March 10, 2017

(Last Night's) Dinner: Tortellini Soup and Cheesy Biscuits

Pinterest can be such a black hole and a time suck. One can spend HOURS searching and pinning and creating boards... most never to be looked at again. I try every once in a while to go through my "Foodstuffs" board where I've pinned countless recipes and find a few to make. This was one of them, Looked good, easy and I usually have a thing of tortellini from Trader Joe's in my freezer. I used this recipe and it was fine. Truthfully, it was a little bland so next time I think I'd do a few things different, I like soups that have more complex flavors, What I did do different from the recipe is I blended the soup prior to adding the pasta and spinach, I despise tomato chunks, also I had Pesto Tortellini so I think if it had been cheese filled it also may have been a little better. All in all it was a decent soup.

For the biscuits I used a random mix I had for buttermilk biscuits, you could use Bisquick Mix or make them from scratch, they are all pretty easy, and then I added about cup of shredded sharp cheddar, some garlic salt, and Italian seasoning (basically whatever i had in my pantry) mixed them and baked them according to directions (450 for 8-10 mins) and then as soon as they came out of the oven I brushed them with some melted butter that I mixed with garlic powder, basically I re-created the biscuits you get at Red Lobster. I know they sell a mix now at the stores and it's not too bad, but they are easy to recreate without the "official" stuff. Maybe the whole meal would have also been better if it'd been soup weather outside, it was one of the warmest days of the year so far so it was probably better suited to fire up the grill than eat soup.

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